Russell Point, Decourcey Island

I had a strange experience working on this piece. This is a small panel (10″x12″) that I roughed in as a sketch years ago (13 to be exact) I dusted it off and decided to work it up for an up coming show at Petley Jones Gallery. It had this lovely patina on it because it had been kicking around my studio for 13-14 years. It had this odd sense of history to it, like a time capsule – it’s almost as old as my daughter. So when it came to actually putting brush and paint to it, it felt like some kind of defacement – almost like an act of vandalism. Maybe I’m being melodramatic, but I had real trouble going ahead with it. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Oh well, too late. it’s done now. If anyone has had the same kind of experience please share.

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