Hello everyone. Yesterday I got my 100th follower! Thank you one and all. This is a milestone that has got me thinking about my blog: it’s humble beginnings, and ideas for the future to make it better.

When my nephew got this blog going for me almost a year ago, I confess I didn’t have a clue what a blog was. Not only that I was at the beginning of a two-shows-in-a-year odyssey that left me little time or energy to spend on learning how to make my blog accessible and interesting. So in the first six to eight months I posted almost nothing, my blog was dormant.

Now I think I get it; a blog is like a virtual journal that gives those interested intimate access to (in my case) the process of making art. Since this epiphany my hits and followers have taken off and now I’m full of ideas and enthusiasm to improve my blog and to start utilizing it properly.

Now that I feel I have the luxury of a bit more time, my next blogging project is going to be the execution of a large (36×48) painting. I’m planning on getting right into the minutia: preparation of materials, concept, studies, actual painting (I’m even tinkering with the idea of some kind of time lapse video), all in more or less real time. I think it will prove to be an interesting experiment…stay tuned.


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