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Summer Run Cove

Summer Run Bay

This is a new one for my show at Petley Jones Gallery. The scene is a little cove on Quadra Island, BC. At low tide the cove is high and dry.

work in progress #6

work in progress #6

Well….that’s it. Diptych finished! That only took twice as long as planned! Today I’ll post the left panel, tomorrow the right panel and Tuesday both together for the full effect. The scene is a view from some rocky bluffs in Caulfield looking west across the Strait of Georgia (now the Salish Sea) to Vancouver Island. The process was fun but a ton of work. I think my next painting will be SMALLER!!!

work in progress #5

work in progress #5

I’ve just gotten through what I call the mid painting doldrums where you work all day and the painting doesn’t look much different. I’m still messing around with trees – adding, removing to suit the composition – almost there. I’ll post one more when it’s finished in the next day or two.

Work in progress #4

Work in progress #4

Here’s the right panel about halfway complete. Still a ton of work to do. My revised goal is to have this done by Friday. I think having reasonably flexible goals saves a bit of stress in life:D

Calm Mornng – Decourcy Island

Calm Mornng - Decourcy Island

This is a view of a tiny islet off Decourcy Island, which is itself part of an small archipelago between Gabriola and Vancouver Islands. This painting is an acrylic on board, about 24×30

Melting Snow on the Bluff

Melting Snow on the Bluff

This painting is a view from Quadra Island looking southeast to Campbell River, Canada.

Point Atkinson

Point Atkinson

This is a new piece – the first of many to come – for my show at Petley Jones Gallery in the spring. This painting presented a real challenge trying to balance all the different subtle grays in the lighthouse and overcast sky.